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Luma joins PRL for global Performer Rights administration !

There’s beauty in the darkness, if you’re willing to look for it...

Originally from a town 40 miles outside of New York City, Brittany Cannarozzi’s alias, ‘Luma’ came to fruition shortly after graduating college and moving to Nashville, TN.

Since then, Luma has been captivating listeners with her knack for magnetic melody and lyric. Her voice has been heard on electronic tracks signed to over fifteen different labels including Seeking Blue, Monstercat, Ultra, Thrive, and Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records. With over 40 million streams across all platforms and 40+ releases in under 4 years, her catalog and audience continue to expand. She has received attention from Sirius XM radio and; in addition to repeat features on Spotify’s Friday Cratediggers, Heart Beats, Sad Beats, Pop Chillout, and Apple’s “Pop Rising” & “Breaking Dance” - all while remaining completely independent. in 2021, Luma's collaboration 'Wonder' with electronic producers, yetep and CRAVE, became the chosen backdrop for the 2021 Lexus IS: All In & More campaign.

Luma’s debut solo EP Kill the Night, features collaborations from dance artist Blanke and pop artist Yuppycult (Rez from the duo Timeflies).

Pulling from a deep-rooted love for both nature and true human connection, Luma’s songs always represent something beautiful. Unafraid to explore darkness, she never ceases to write from the heart, hoping to be the light for an audience that continues to grow.

Prominent Collaborations include - Adventure Club, Lexus, Nurko, Blanke, & Zack Martino

“Dance music steeped in introspection and self-reflection.”

PRL is delighted to welcome Luma to our global roster for representation of her Performer/Neighbouring Rights!