Performance Rights Limited


Performer’s Right to Public Performance Royalties

Whether you are a featured artist, session musician (including remixers), or performing producer, if any tracks that you have performed on are broadcast on the radio or played in public, subject to qualifying rules laid down by phonographic performance collection societies, you are entitled to (public performance) royalties from the broadcast plays of your recorded performances (also known as “Neighbouring Rights” outside of the UK).

PRL administers and registers the phonographic performing rights of featured artists, session musician, remixers and performing producer’s with the societies who collect this type of income. For example, in the United Kingdom PRL registers and administers our clients rights with PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited). Depending on our individual clients requirements we either mandate PPL to collect international royalties as well as UK royalties, or we arrange for international royalties to be collected direct from the local societies in the country of release wherever possible.

Qualifying for Phonographic Performance Royalties

There are certain qualifying requirements that performers need to meet in order to qualify for these royalties. If the commercially released recording a performer performs on was made in a qualifying country or the performer was a citizen or resident of a qualifying country at the time of the recording, the performer will qualify for royalties from broadcast plays of the recorded performance.

A qualifying country is a member state of the European Union or a designated country. A designated country is one that has been designated by the UK government as enjoying reciprocal protection under UK law, by virtue of the rights performers receive in that country.)

For the avoidance of doubt this type of royalty is separate to recording and writer royalties.