Performance Rights Limited


Should my rights be registered?
If you are a contracted or featured artist or a musician paid a session and if any tracks that you have performed on are broadcast on the radio or played in public, your rights need to be registered with phonographic performance societies in to ensure you receive any airplay royalties that may be owed to you.
What are phonographic public performance performer royalties?
Phonographic performance societies such as PPL in the UK collect Public Performance and Broadcast Licence fees from Radio & TV stations, Clubs, and other establishments playing music on their premises and distributes income to us on behalf of our registered performers for the tracks being played.
Am I eligible for these royalties?
Yes,if you performed on a commercially released recording and the recording was made in a qualifying country or you were a citizen or resident of a qualifying country at the time of the recording. Not sure if you qualify? Click here to contact us.
How do I get my rights registered?
Contact PRL
I already receive recording royalties and/or writer royalties.
These royalties are separate to both recording and writer royalties and are personal to you. Get in touch with PRL to find out more.
What will it cost me to have my rights administered by PRL?
We take a commission on income received on your behalf. No other fees are involved.
When will I get paid?
We account to our performers within sixty days of December 31st and June 30th each year for income received up to those dates.