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Kydus joins PRL for global performer rights admin!

The shrewdest industry eyes are now focused upon Kydus as this modest, consistent talent who is building his own path in dance music society

In the last 3 years Kydus has perfected his own brand of infectious, driving, flawless house and techno. Aligning a series of exciting originals and collaborations with some of the world’s most revered labels such as Toolroom, Saved, Knee Deep in Sound, Stereo & his spiritual home Circus Recordings.

Kydus has achieved unparalleled support from Radio One’s Pete Tong earning him 3 “Essential New Tunes”.

In 2018 Kydus made a bold move and changed musical direction, whilst still delivering tech bangers he decided it was time for a change and rather than following suit he’s created his own blend of uplifting, melodic house. ‘Markeeta’s Way’ on Danny Howard’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ was the first glimpse of this sound. This was soon followed up by ‘Aftermath’ on Atlantic Records’ dance imprint Big Beat in the US. November 2019 sees another release for Big Beat in the shape of ‘Destiny’ an uplifting and evocative cut that features the vocal delights of soon to be superstar Camden Cox.

Not wanting to stray from his roots, Kydus decided to launch his own label Kinetic. Just two releases in and the label is mustering an air of mystique. Each release will divide genres and the overall ethos is to focus on quality club records. Pete Tong showed immediate support by playing ‘Liberation’ two weeks in a row on his Radio 1 show.

There’s plenty more to come from Kydus in more ways than one!